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What is air mesh fabric?sandwich fabric?
Add time:2023-02-10

Air Mesh Fabric - Introduction

Air mesh fabric is a kind of fabric made of knitted machine.
Air mesh fabric is made of three parts. It is like sandwich, so air mesh fabric is also called sandwich fabric.

mesh fabric samples
With the shape of net, air mesh fabric looks fashion and sport. It uses polymers synthetic fibres by the one-time precision machine woven together.
Air mesh fabric is durable and belong to the warp-knitted fabric boutique

Air Mesh Fabric - Feature

 Is now widely used in sports shoes clothing, bags, seat covers such diverse areas as. Sandwich fabric has the following characteristics:

 1: Good air permeability and moderate regulation ability. With the solid mesh structure, it is known as the breathing fabric.Compared to other flat fabric, sandwich fabric breathability is stronger, and air circulation, surface to maintain comfortable and dry.
 2: Unique elastic function. With the structure of net and heat setting in procuction.When subjected to force, extends along the direction of the force, when tension decreases when the withdrawal, mesh and restored to its original shape.Material can keep certain elongation in the transverse, longitudinal, and not relaxation deformation. 
 3: Wear-resistant and never pilling. Sandwich fabric is composed of tens of thousands of polymer synthetic fiber yarns, refined from petroleum.Knit weave of warp and become, not only a solid, able to withstand high levels of tensile and tear, smooth and comfortable.
 4: Mold proofing and antibacterial.Material is through mold proofing antibacterial processing, can inhibit the breeding of germs.
 5:Easy to clean and dry. Sandwich fabric can be  adapt to hand wash, machine wash and dry cleaning, easy to clean up. Structure of three-layer is breathable, ventilation and easy to dry.
 6:Stylish appearance. Sandwich fabric for clear and soft, colorfast.Even with a-dimensional mesh pattern, follow fashion trends, and maintain a certain classic style.

Air Mesh Fabric - Usage

mesh fabric applications
Shoes,cushions,mattress,sofa,bags,garment,chairs,safe seats and staff.