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Application examples of 3D Spacer Fabric in different fields
Add time:2024-02-03
Application examples of 3D Spacer Fabric in different fields

3D spacer fabric is a widely used product, here are a few application examples of 3D Spacer Fabric in different fields:
Automotive Seats: 3D Spacer Fabric can be used in the seat cushions and backrests of automotive seats, providing comfortable seating support and ventilation. Its breathable structure helps reduce sweat accumulation during long drives, enhancing seating comfort.
car seat fillings
Sports Protection Gear: 3D Spacer Fabric can be used to make various sports protection gear such as wristbands, knee braces, and shoulder straps. Its cushioning and shock absorption properties help reduce impact and pressure during sports activities while providing comfortable wear and breathability.
knee let
Footwear Products: 3D Spacer Fabric can be used in shoe insoles, uppers, and linings. Its breathability and moisture-wicking properties help control foot moisture, reducing odor and bacteria growth, and providing a more comfortable and healthy shoe-wearing experience.
sport shoes mesh fabric
Furniture and Mattresses: 3D Spacer Fabric can be used in seat cushions, backrests, and mattress toppers for furniture and mattresses. Its cushioning performance and breathability contribute to comfortable sitting and sleeping surfaces, reducing discomfort during prolonged use.
Medical Products: 3D Spacer Fabric finds various applications in the medical field, such as pressure-relieving mattresses, medical braces, and surgical pads. Its breathability, moisture-wicking, and softness make it an ideal choice for medical products, providing comfort and functional support.
dvt spacer fabric
Outdoor Equipment: Due to its durability and breathability, 3D Spacer Fabric can be used in outdoor equipment like backpacks, tents, and outdoor seat pads. It offers comfortable carrying and sitting support while maintaining good ventilation and quick drying.
These are some application examples of 3D Spacer Fabric, which has significant potential in various industries, providing comfort, functionality, and durability. The specific applications depend on product requirements and design needs."