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The application of 3d mesh fabric in home textile area.
Add time:2020-10-19
The application of 3d mesh fabric in home textile area.

The traditional mattresses is easy to absorb moisture, mold, smell.
But 3D memory mesh fabric uses double-sided mesh structure. Air, water can free flow, the formation of hot and humid micro-circulating air layer
It can provide a ideal choice for home textile.

3d mesh matress

mesh pillow


1. Natural breathable, people sleep up the back epoxy circulation.

2. Permeable heat dissipation, effectively prevent bacterial, fungal infections.

3.100% polyester, environmental protection and non-toxic, more in line with the requirements of the times.

4. Light texture, convenient washing and disinfection, anti-static.

5. Ergonomics, effective protection of bones.

6. Good softness, comfort, wear resistance, durable.

7. Unique support structure, according to the pressure of different parts of the person to provide the corresponding rebound force, single wire comprehensive support, is the human body in a completely way into the dreamland.